Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog #2 - Jenny

What I found of particular interest in this short video was the historical importance of the missiles that were found in Cuba in in 1962 on the development of the internet. Prior to the discovery of these missiles, we had a centralized network architecture. To avoid a breakdown during a potential attack, a decentralized network architecture had to be formed leading to a distributed network.

I find the importance of the Cuban Missile Crisis to be extremely fascinating. In past history courses the crisis is framed to be a negative event that could have ended in disaster for the United States, but this video sheds light on the important role it played in the history of the internet. Sure, a decentralized network architecture may have eventually been created at some point down the road, but who knows when? This makes me wonder if any events in the future will play as significant of a role in the development of a technology we will depend on.

The video itself was very enlightening for such a short film. It was easy to understand and really opened my eyes to how far technology has come. In a way, the historical developments of the internet blow my mind. It is hard to imagine technology developing any further than it already has. I am sure though that in 2020 I will look back and realize that a lot of the technological developments I currently take advantage of haven't reached even half the potential that they can.

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