Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog #3- Lauren

So I too tried ChatRoulette, and I can tell you it was quite the experience. I've been "on" it before with various friends, but only for fun and being dumb purposes... never to actually meet people or enrich my cultural experiences! So the first couple people I met, I talked to for a bit and then it got SUPER awkward and I found myself just hitting next without saying goodbye- which is so out of character for me, but I figure- hey, I'll never see you again in my life...why should I care? I found that most people were way more casual then I tended to be. Not that I consider myself to be a super polite or uptight person, but the thought of being paired up with someone completely random virtually face to face, makes the initial conversation a bit more formal to me. I found myself making small talk, but getting completely wierded out by most of the people I met, although I did meet two cool people that either A) did not ask me to take off my shirt B) didn't asked me repeatedly what I did for fun (after the 3rd time I was officially creeped out) or C) didn't speak another language. One was another college girl and we just made obvious structured conversation, and the other guy I had an ACTUAL conversation with wanted to talk to me about his new computer he's currently building.

Anyways, I thought this experiment was quite interesting. I'd never been on ChatRoulette by myself before, and I don't think I intend to in the near future. I can completely see why parents have a major concern with their children on this website. This is in no way meant to sound like I think everyone who uses ChatRoulette is a weird, crazy, or perverted person...but based off of the people I actually met, I can't see this website being a major positivity influence on teenagers and young adults.

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