Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jamie Noltner - Practicum 1 Post

I have the topic of tweens or elderly people, so I chose to research tweens. So far I have spent some time creating and playing around on Club Penguin. I can see why tweens would have fun with this game. I created a penguin for myself so that I could check out how the Club Penguin world works. Within the island of Penguins I was able to interact with other penguins. I had a dance off with one of my "penguinfriends," and then I challenged other penguins to several games of Mancala. It was very interactive although I haven't figured out how to chat (instant message) my penguin friends. There was also another individual game that allowed you to practice your tying skills while reading through a book. So not only is this site strictly for games, it allows tweens to develop their computer skills.
The site is very tween friendly and at the same time very safe. If I were a parent the only problem I would have with this site is that my children would spend too much time on it because it seems quite addicting. Here are a few screen shots of what the Penguin World looks like:

So far this site seems pretty cool. I wish I had something like this as a kid. I think my parents would have been willing to let my siblings and I go online more often if we had a tween game sites like this one.

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