Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Laura's Blog 3

At my first attempt to i-dose I made the mistake of just googling “i-dose.” I got way more articles about the terrible effects of i-dosing. I even got an article entitled “Should i-dosing be illegal? Can it Kill you?” This all made me pretty nervous to start watching these psychedelic videos. The first video I found ended up being someone else watching these videos and freaking out and falling on the ground. I decided Google probably isn’t the best way to find actual i-dose videos. Next, I went to YouTube. I found “The Ultimate i-Dose!” I was got pretty excited because there was a disclaimer to “not watch this video alone.” I saw back on my couch and full screened this video. It ended up just being an 8 minute video of circles changing color with a terrible techno song playing. I was determined to find a good video so I went to “I-Dose Drug Cyber Drug Droga Virtuale Eroina Cocaina Crack.” This seemed promising as well, but it was an imitation i-dose. There were black and white swirls and then a zombie girl started streaming at the 32-second mark. Still on the hunt to find an actual i-dose video, I turned to a video with a high play count and a less extreme name. After watching “natural hallucinogen with circles,” I looked up from my computer and saw the posters in my room move in and out. The effect lasted for a few seconds and was not worth all this work. After doing a few more real i-dose videos the effect lessened and my eyes started to hurt. All in all, it was a pretty frustrating experience.

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