Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Practicum #1-Nicole

My practicum project for the semester is Networked Gaming on the website called Kongregate. Being that I work two different desks jobs I thought this would be a fun thing to do during the occasional lulls I have at work. Finally getting a chance to really start my practicum I first wanted to click on a game to get started but on this site you have to first create a username and password so that you can keep track of the points you receive while playing the games. For me sitting there trying to decide on a username gave me flashbacks of my younger years trying to think of a cool and cute name for my AIM. After finally settling on a username based on the nickname my roommates have for me, Clovis23, I was ready to get started. As Laura pointed out in her post you automatically get 15 points which for me was definitely a plus because I learned quickly I'm not too good at these games as I had hoped I would be. Being that it was the first time on the site I thought it would be a good idea to click around at the different game choices since there are many different categories to choose from. After clicking around viewing the different options and top games I decided to go with what I thought was a safe choice of a racing game. Reading over the instructions briefly I assumed I would be able to learn as I went so I decided to get started and play my first game.

This wasn’t your typical racing game because you could receive points by slamming into other cars and you could even get out of your car and into a different one and race in that new car. After many failed attempts I realized that there was a chat going on at the side of the screen that all of the users were on. Unfortunately, I became totally distracted by the chats that were going on, that were completely off topic might I add, that I was not even playing my game anymore. I think next time that I play I will join in on the chat and hopefully get some advice from the experts of Kongregate so that I can finally earn some points. I am hoping to try out games in all of the categories and find a game that I can excel at because right now my skills are below average to say the least.

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