Sunday, February 6, 2011

Practicum Post #2- Nina

Ok- so I am not liking the fact that I can only post a certain amount of letters in the "What’s happening" box, like really I have one letter too many and I can’t make the post??? Also, what is twitter etiquette? If one follows you are you obligated to follow them? I do think it is cool that I can play around with my background and add my own pictures to it. Additionally, I just discovered the shortcut tab on the homepage... check it out, it is very convenient. I finally set up my phone to twitter, but I have to text a number every time I want to post something? There has to be an easier way to post from your phone? More so, I am now figuring out the @symbol and tagging people or places, I like that. Twitter was very helpful this last Tuesday when I was trying to figure out if we had a snow day or not. I was sitting at the library doing my homework and following the official UW page. Still continuing to play around with the page and exploring it amenities!

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