Monday, March 28, 2011

Practicum #2 - Jeff

Whatever you do, don't fly in a straight line. The Ace Combat series was originally developed for the Playstation consoles, but in 2007 the publisher decided to switch over to the Xbox 360. While many loyal fans of the series saw this as a betrayal, AC6 upheld the tradition of providing an exciting jet fighting experience while mixing in over the top fantasy aircraft and arcade-simple controls.

At first, AC6 was a fairly popular title on Xbox LIVE. To get a glimpse of what the game was like in it's prime, here is a video which previews some of the multiplayer modes and features.

Now, in early 2011, the number of players seems to have diminished significantly, leaving only the most devoted fans and expert pilots. I was in for an ass-kicking. Typically I could only find one server that was hosting a game, and it was always team death match on the same map.

At the beginning of each round, one player from each team would be given an electronics package that would improve missile tracking, jam enemy radar, etc. That player is the primary target for the enemy team. For every aircraft that you shoot down that is not the primary target, the area of effect of your own electronics package is increased, but if your own electronics plane is shot down, that area of effect is reset. More advanced aircraft are worth more points to shoot down, so you can select an older plane if you want to give up less points when you are shot down.

After a while of endlessly giving up points to the enemy, I finally discovered a tactic that worked for me - I would simply fly low and drop a lot of really big bombs, which would knock out anyone who tried to chase me.

Many Xbox LIVE users possess a headset (included with most consoles) which enables users to voice chat with their team members in the middle of a game without the use of third party software. I was a little disappointed that no one seemed willing to communicate in AC6. Hopefully the next game I try will be more populated and social.

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