Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Practicum Post #2 - Jamie Noltner

So far the exploring on Club Penguin has been a little slow. All these penguins seem to know what they are doing and there is no way for me to ask them how to do other activities. I noticed that other penguins have these things called stamps, and you can go around the penguin world and participate in certain games and activities in order to collect them, but I haven't figured out where to find them yet. Most recently I figured out how to win coins by playing games. The last game I earned over 40 coins by playing ice fishing (see picture)

I also learned that this site is even further protected by being able to log into penguin worlds that have "ultimate safe chat". I haven't quite figured out the difference between safe chat and regular worlds, but this makes the site seem more 'parent friendly," and it makes it more appropriate for tweens that are on the younger side.

I also figured out that I have my own igloo but in order to make it fancy inside you need to become a paying member. :(

I may give in and buy a month long membership so I can have the full on experience of Club Penguin. I hate to admit it, but I find myself on it for extended periods of time....it's addicting!

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