Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog #6 - Jeff More

For my YouTube video I decided to look for something that I would usually get from a different website. "Yahtzee" Croshaw is an animator who makes short films which comically review the latest video game releases. Typically he posts his videos on I searched for "Yahtzee" hoping to find his latest short, but one of the first results was a retrospective review of Fable, which I decided to watch instead. The video had about a million and a half reviews, but I didn't have to deal with a banner ad or video.

For my Hulu video I loaded up the most recent episode of Archer, for which I was required to sign in due to mature content. The first ad was for, which is actually the only one that I can remember for sure. Having the distraction of the internet and tabbed browsing made it super easy to spin off for a minute or so while the commercials flew by.

As far as YouTube content goes, I've been trying to go to sites where videos were originally posted, like Newgrounds for animated shorts or the Jimmy Fallon website to see Colbert sing "Friday." I definitely prefer Hulu over YouTube because the quality of content is so much higher. I've been considering signing up for Hulu plus for awhile to get some of the full season runs, and the movies is a nice feature too. I also like Hulu because I am more likely to check out new series. If it weren't for Hulu, I probably wouldn't have discovered Archer.

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