Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog #6--Kate Neuens

Today's blog assignment: watch a Hulu video and YouTube video. I can do that!

I watched a video on Hulu first, just to get the annoying ads out of the way (I knew they were coming!). Since I'm an Office freak I watched a clip called "Will Ferrell: Alll About Deangelo." It was basically just Ferrell talking about his upcoming role on the show. The clip did its job, I got excited and pumped for the new episodes. The downside: those ads!!!! Luckily with short clips you don't have to watch long ads. The ads are pretty professional looking, for the clip I watched it was for Boys Town. One other thing is that when you are done watching five seconds later Hulu plays another video. They try and suck you in...

Now for YouTube. I hadn't seen the new Britney Spears video yet so I decided to watch it ("Till the World Ends"). I didn't have to watch an ad (always nice). I learned something as well: When the world is ending apparently everyone wears barely any clothing and just dances until the world ends (hence the title). YouTube also lets you turn it to a higher resolution and I cranked this one to 1080 p, the highest I've ever seen. Though there were no ads, Vevo had a little banner telling you to download their app.

Overall, I think the differences are obvious: advertisements and resolution. I definitely pick YouTube over Hulu!

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  1. I agree with you, Hulu has way too many ads. I never really noticed it before until I compared it to YouTube. Their ads are so long too! I was thinking though, if the ads were short, like 10 seconds each, there would probably be more ads shown during the show to make up for it. So I don't know which would be better to have, a bunch of short ads or one long ad. I get so annoyed when an ad appears in the middle of my show. We are watching the show online, there should not be any ads!