Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog 7-Farrell

Hey guys.

So for the evening I had a little mix in activity online. After a nice long walk and dinner, I began my homework. To get to my homework, I had to go to learn@uw to download readings and reading questions. But that is not where I started. When I opened my computer, I went straight to both my wiscmail account and facebook. I spent a little bit of time updating on things there and then went to my homework. I had 2 sets of reading questions so, of course, I took a Facebook break in between the two in order to "relax." I went back to my homework and checked both my Facebook and wiscmail before finally logging off. About 10 minutes ago, I opened my computer again to do homework here (on Blogger), checked my Facebook, and now I am writing.

What have I learned? I go on Facebook WAAAYYY too much! But to me, and I know to many others, Facebook is my break from reality. In reality, I'm just straining my eyes. I think the idea of Facebook being relaxing is such a college thing. I believe when we all grow up Facebook will turn more into a thing to do maybe monthly or weekly to get updates on others. For now, it's seems to be an addiction.

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