Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Post #7- Meredith Nelson

I'm now realizing that a lot of things I use and interact with are computerized in some way. To start with the obvious, my college career is on my laptop. If it broke, crashed, died forever, I would be out of luck. 3 years of papers, PowerPoint's, outlines, notes and more would be completely lost. Aside from my laptop there's my cell phone and my ipod, which I also use a lot. My Dad makes fun of me because send probably 2500 text messages a month- that's what an unlimited plan is for right? I also use my ipod a lot but mostly when I work out. Oh and guess what? A treadmill, elliptical and other workout machines are computerized to a degree, which I never thought about. Also, I watch TV at the SERF while I workout, yet another computerized thing. Then there's my camera for uploading picture to facebook from a show called humorology. Then there's also my car for when I picked up my roommate from work. I realized that a lot of the things I consider the most valuable and important to me are computerized in some way.

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  1. I agree, I never realized that most workout machines are computerized. The high school I went to built a new workout facility a couple years ago and on some of their exercise bikes there is a TV screen attached to the front of it. On this screen, one can choose what kind of terrain they want to "ride" their bike on such as dessert, woodland, blacktop, etc. I thought that was pretty cool because it makes it seem like you are playing a game instead of working out