Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Farrell-Blog #5

My first question after playing this game, is this a children's game? If yes, my second question, Who made this?!?!
First of all, I could not for the life of me make it passed level 2 for the longest time. I am 22 years old. All you have to do, I thought, was click on the suns. But NO! There is a strategy in lining up your plants. Who would have known?? In all seriousness, this game is the most ridiculous contrast between happy and gross. Those little plants are so innocent and happy, helping protect you and your house from harm, but mine kept getting eaten by zombies. How terrible for children to see! I am 22 and I have a hard enough time watching my happy little plants die! I see the game is all about strategy, but what have games come to in this day and age for children? What happened to Candy Land? Life? Monopoly? Monopoly use to occupy people for hours, now it's games like these that have taken over and are straining the eyes of children everywhere.
I have to admit, if I was a parent, I don't think I would let my children play this "Plants and Zombies." First of all, you are shooting at zombies. "Mommy, what's a zombie?" "O, it's just an undead person honey, no big deal." Secondly, "Mommy, why are the zombies eating my plants?" "O hunny, because your plants and you are not fast enough to escape the evil of the zombies!" How terrible!!!!
This game made me think of how this society we live in is progressing and how children's learning mechanisms can potentially hit the web hard core. I still remember the day my elementary school got computers! What happened to the days of even Oregon Trail? There was rarely any violence there. What are games like these teaching kids? Both Oregon Trail and Plants and Zombies have one thing in common, they teach strategy, only one does it in a much more appropriate manner. That's it! I feel this game is a bit inappropriate for children.... funny for 21,22 year olds. Granted, if this is not meant to be a kids game, well then that's just sad.

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  1. It's not explicitly a children's game, if that makes you feel better...