Monday, April 11, 2011

Practicum Post #5 - Jamie Noltner

Another new discovery today on Club Penguin! On their site they have a blogging section on their community web page. I find this super cool because it gets the younger generations interested in blogging, something that I didn't do as a child. Until last year I have never actually blogged so by getting kids excited about it is a great idea. The types of blogging that takes place on Club Penguin is usually educational. The blog is highly regulated and it takes about a day for your post to be uploaded to the feed. It isn't exactly like a typical blog where you can comment on anybody's posts, but if I were a kid I would find it cool that what I said was posted online. The blog works like this, the people who work for Club Penguin come up with questions, interesting facts, or news about the Club Penguin world and post it on the blog. This week an educational blog post was made. It had interesting facts about Snow Leopards. The post was directed at Earth Day trying to get kids involved with keeping a clean planet in order to protect endangered animals like the snow leopard. (See Below).
Also, one of the other blogs was about new things that kids can find, buy, and do in the Club Penguin World. This kind of blog helps avid Penguin Players keep up with the latest and greatest features.
Overall, I like the blogging feature on Club Penguin!! Til next time - Waddle On! (Club Penguins sign off on the blog, haha)


  1. That's really cool that Club Penguin has a blogging section, I would have loved something like that when I was a kid. And what little kid doesn't love facts about snow leopards?

  2. I also like the blogging feature. I think it is so cool that kids will know how to blog at such a young age. I also have to wonder what this means for parental supervision? Does it require more supervision?