Monday, May 2, 2011

Practicum Post #5 - Kristen

Within the past couple days, the video that my friends and I posted got a whopping 27 views! Most of the people that watched the video were from our show and wanted to see it because they could relate to it/understand it. For someone who watched the clip without any background knowledge, I can just guess at how confusing it would be! This has made me think about what types of videos are the ones that become popular. Obviously, the most popular clips are music videos, but the groups of videos that come in second are ones that are funny/poking fun at people. I'm sure you have all seen "David Goes to the Dentist": or "Charlie Bit my Finger": Personally, I was able to get a laugh or two out of them, but I don't think they are worthy of being considered two of the most watched videos on Youtube. Also, the amount of views these have blows my mind. For instance, Justin Bieber's "Baby" video has 531, 606, 526 views. "David Goes to the Dentist" has 89, 172, 392 views. Although there is a large view difference between the two, "David Goes tot he Dentist" is up there. How it has come to so many views is due to word of mouth and networking (such as posting it on friend's Facebook walls). Justin Bieber, however, is everywhere - television, radio, internet..etc. His video is way more advertised because it results in economic profit and he is a superstar. "David Goes to the Dentist" has gotten so many views solely because people find it "humorous" and from telling one another.

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