Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog #2 - Michael Warren

After watching this video I feel like I now know a lot more about how the internet came about than I ever did/thought I did before. I found this information really eye-opening and engaging. Something I found quite interesting in the video was that the basis of most of the major advancements of the internet seem to have come about mainly in conjunction with the completion of some sort of interconnection/network (much like the idea of the internet in and of itself). The first included the interconnection of ARPANET, RAND, NPL, & CYCLADES (scientific, military, and commercial approaches) to form the foundation of the internet. The second included CYCLADES focus on communication with other networks which essentially lead to the basic concept of “internet”. The third included the standardization of the network from its ends following the innovation of the Open System Interconnection reference model, eventually leading to the division of channels into separate layers and the internet which we now know. I found these interconnecting milestones to be quite intriguing given that the desired end result of all of them was essentially grand-scale interconnection. It’s quite impressive to me to see all of the steps, developments, setbacks (and I’m sure we didn’t even see the half of them here), and innovations that went in to creating such a magnificently paramount piece of technology.

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