Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog #2-Nicole

When sitting down at my computer to participate in this blog I didn't realize how much I take for granted the use of the Internet until watching this video. Between lecture and the video I was reminded how the Internet and computers in general were not as they are today. Looking back at how computers started out as big as a room and are now portable is astonishing to me especially when it comes to the diversity that the computers and the Internet are now able to provide. Prior to the video I had no idea the complexity of the Internet and at times I had to rewind the video to try and better understand how all of the networks come together. I also found it interesting to learn how various world events caused the creation of the Internet to progress as it did because while I knew of the events, I didn't see the connection until now. I feel that it is important to look back and see where everything came from such as the base of science, military and commercial, something that I never put thought into. As a whole between this video and lecture I have learned a significant amount about what computers and the Internet have evolved from.

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