Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introduction - Randi Russell

My name is Randi Russell. I am a senior majoring in Comm Arts (Rhetoric side) and I also finished my Certificate in Business this summer. I am from Manalapan, New Jersey (if you watch the Jersey Shore, yes, it is the same town as the Situation). This time last year I was studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. It was definitely the best experience I have ever had and I would love to go back soon. I don't have any plans for after graduation - hopefully I'll be getting a job in marketing or public relations, but I wouldn't be opposed to going back to school for my masters in Corporate Communications or Public Relations. My family is huge into traveling (over winter break I went on 4 different trips) so I am always moving around and visiting new places which I absolutely love. I'd much rather listen to people than talk about myself so I guess this is where I'll end it!

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