Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog #2 - Randi Russell

This video came as a huge surprise to me. I know that the Internet and technology today are extremely complicated things that took years to create, but I had no idea how complex the process of creating the Internet was. It is interesting that so many different thing happened that sparked new findings in the Internet. I am also amazed at how different the computer is now compared to when it was first used. I think that our generation takes a lot of the things that we have for granted. It took 50 years for the computer to evolve into what it is today, and we owe a lot of people for what they have ultimately created for us. The video did confuse me a little bit with all of the jargon that the narrator used, but the diagrams definitely helped me to understand how things were connected and how the Internet evolved. I personally never expected that that computer use started as early as it did and that alone amazes me. The video was definitely helpful in explaining how things have changed through time and how the Internet has become what it is today. After watching this, I will try not to take all of the technology that we have for granted because it took a long time and a lot of hard work for us to have what we have today.

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