Monday, January 24, 2011


A few things I thought of when watching this video...
1) Packet Switching totally reminded me of the movie, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," when Mike TV was transmitted through radio waves.
2) It is utterly amazing how far technology has come over the decades and how little we appreciate the advances. We tend to forget how magnificent technology really is. Case in point, this is one of my favorite youtube clips ever and it really sums up how i feel after watching a clip about the history of the internet: This guy speaks the truth so elegantly:) I love this clip. In fact, after posting this blog I watched this clip for about the 500th time. We've developed from a time where computers used punch cards and took up entire rooms to an age now where computers will eventually be the size of a golf ball. Its such an amazing, amazing process and thing that we as a society forget how far we've actually come. We are so occupied looking towards "what's next" and "what's the new big thing" that we need to take the time to look to the past. What we have is the "next." What we have is a BIG thing. The internet seems to go on forever. Its so fascinating and its youtube clips like this one, the history of internet, that help to remind us of this gift that has been bestowed upon our society.

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