Thursday, January 27, 2011

Laura's Practicum: post one

Today I signed up for my practicum website, Kongregate. My inital reaction to the website was that it looks like a cleaner version of addicting, except I don't recognize any of the games. The first thing I decided to do on the site was to get my own profile. I signed up and got my own profile, although it is blank so far. There are many questions I have so far with Kongregate, such as: Why do I already have 15 points? How do I get more? Why is my avatar a frog? and Would any of my friends have a Kongregate, so my profile wouldn't look so sad?

I think it's time to play some games!

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  1. Glad you're getting started, Laura! Make sure to go back and add "Practicum-Laura" to the "Label" field for this post, and for your future posts. It makes it easier to see how many you've done later!

    If you do it right, it will show up on the right of the blog under "Labels," where "introduction" is now.