Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog #3: i-dosing

I have had my fair share of myspace views when I was younger and have witnessed the many horrors of chatroulette with my friends but this was the first time I was ever aware of the "legal high" known as i-dosing. After hearing about this in class I came home to ask my roommates if they knew anything about it and they were all curious about it as well. Wanting them to join in on the experience we put some of the i-dosing videos on the tv, turned off the lights and turned up the speakers. The first video we watched was just loud Techno music blaring through the tv with no images. This video did nothing other than annoy us and have our neighbors pound on their ceiling.

After a couple of videos that were strictly music that had no results, we found a video that was titled "Natural Hallucinogen Legal High". This was more of an optical illusion for you had to stare at the center of the screen while various lines and shapes moved in and out and at the end you were instructed to look away. Despite the results of looking away making the objects you were looking at move in and out for a few seconds, there was no "high" that a parent should be worried about as a result for the video. I could see how a young child could watch these videos with the hopes of getting high and act ridiculous after watching them merely because they feel as if they should get a reaction out of them. However, when watching these videos I had no actual reaction expect for my eyes being blurry for a few seconds after. Therefore, I think the panic that parents have over these videos is overdone for there is nothing from my experience that I think they should be worried about. When my roommates and I finished our i-dosing experience or lack there of, we received the good news of a snow day and I think this news brought about more of a "natural high" for us than any video could.

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