Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog # 3

For this assignment I chose to view MySpace profiles, simply because the other two choices scared me, not going to lie! But also because I never got into the whole MySpace thing, which probably in part, had to do with my parents, but a view of my friends had them when they were younger so I was interested in checking the cite out. Once Facebook got really popular it was my understanding that MySpace kind of fell off the Map. I was happy to find out that this assignment was being linked to moral panic because when I think of the cite the first thing that comes to mind is “umm, isn’t that a place where creepers go to find little girls”. However, I do know that the cite is also used by people who were trying to promote/ be recognized for something, like their music. Thus my experience was quite diverse and interesting to say the least.

Many people’s profiles were blocked and only limited to friends. But after exploring the cite and different people’s profiles I could see how individuals home pages were a reflection of their character, at least I think. For example, ones persons description of themselves was "Let me show you the world without the bullshit and the lies." I must admit some peoples pages were disturbing, I was scrolling down the options to look at female profiles and I come across this a picture of a young girl who said she was 20, she turned out to be a 7th grader. I know that these kind of things can happen on most any social network cite, but I just feel like MySpace, has become a little trashy. ( Not to say that every person on there is, but overall I got that feeling). None the less, I think the cite does offer a lot of amenities you can play games, post videos and music, extra. I like that you can have a personalized song on the home page, I wish Facebook and Twitter could incorporate that.

My Space is just one of many examples of the turn from Web 1.0 to 2.0 as the Ankerson describes the web now as "eminently more social... [that] lets the user take the spotlight, celebrating the amateur's ability to broadcast herself." Web 2.0 marked an era where "websites were to no longer be used, but experienced" and that's where we have come as a society. The web is a place where people go to interact with one another, watch T.V shows and movies, MySpace is just one example of this internet expansion but also the social problems that have come along with the new technology. As it is with most things in life, nothing is perfect. Yes it is a problem that children are interacting with men who are twice there age on the internet or that they even on a cite like MySpace. But to me, a bigger question arise, why are these children not being supervised? Why isn’t a parent or guardian aware of their child’s activities? We cannot entirely blame the internet for these problems.

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