Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog #4 - Jamie N.

Privacy on the internet is in some cases not so private. When I Googled myself to see what the world can possibly find out about me, if they so choose to, is not all that off from what I expected. The first couple of things that popped up where the links to my LinkedIn account, links to both my Twitter page and several links to recent tweets that I have made, and of course a link to my Facebook profile. The interesting thing about Facebook was that it also showed several different links to people who I am related to, like my mother, sister and a few cousins. I also came across my blogger profile with a short description of the things that I have blogged about pertaining to this class. When I was in high school I ran varsity Cross Country and varsity Track and Field for 3 years. I found about 9 different articles with information on my race times and personal records from specific meets, articles on my relay teams from track, and overall contributions to the team. There were a couple of other things that I found which I would have never even thought would be on the internet but were. One was a memo from the city that I live in that gave me permission to obtain a license to sell alcohol at my work. I thought this was completely random and weird. The second one, well there were actually a few of them, were old UW Library Study Room Reservations. The system on the UW site that allows you to reserve rooms for study groups must keep all that information stored online, and for some reason you can view all the rooms that you have ever reserved. So I can look and see where I studied my freshman year, specifically the date, the exact times, the library that I was at, and the room that I was in. Crazy!!

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