Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Practicum #1--Kate

My practicum project is on social bookmarking sites and I have chose digg and delicious. I have gone to these sites in the past, but have never spent a substantial amount of time with them.

Digg is an interesting social bookmarking site. On the front page they have all of the hot topics listed and have the amount of hits the article or site has received. My first observation is that there are a lot of techie article on the best phones coming out and how social media can be used to incite corporate revolutions. You do not need to join to click on the links, and to browse from category to category. In order for me to save an entry I do have to register.

I switched from category to category to explore the site some more. My favorite category is "offbeat." I learned there is a Mark Zuckerberg comic coming out.

The numbers of people actually "digging" articles does seem pretty low. Really hot articles are usually only dugg in the hundreds, while I thought it would be in thousands, like YouTube videos.

After I registered with
digg it gave me the immediate option of connecting with my Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts. I didn't really want to do that, because every person I'm friends with on Facebook doesn't need to know the quirky articles I digg.

It gives me options to follow certain websites and news sites, like Wired or the White House. I decided to follow Wired,, and The Oatmeal. When I go back to the homepage it is completely different, with the sites I'm following populating my homescreen. I'm going to have change that, I want to be able to see everything that is popular when I get to the homepage.

I've started to learn digg and next practicum I'll start learning delicious.

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