Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog #4: Nicole Lipp

I have had the task of googling my name before in a class while in high school but when reading this new blog task it started to make me wonder if much has changed as to what you can find about me. When I first googled "Nicole Lipp" the first few links that came up is about a girl with the same name who plays soccer at Duke and apparently was a soccer star in high school who earned a scholarship for it. After seeing that I continued to scroll hoping to find my name only to again find another women by my name who had a LinkedIn account in Buffalo, New York. At the end of the page there was a third Nicole Lipp or possibly one of these previous women who had a twitter account, again, not me. When I had previously googled my name the first page was dominated only by the soccer player because at the time this was when she was receiving her scholarship. The only difference now was the new social networking sites that had come about within the years allowing the other Nicole Lipps to get their name out. Thinking about this I realized how any future employer trying to search for me to get to know me prior to an interview would possibly be mislead by the other people by my name. However, a part of me is glad that for now I am unsearchable but it makes me consider making myself more available in the future. Determined to find at least something about me by googling my name I decided to type in my nickname that everyone has called me since first grade. Sure enough, I turned up but for some reason it was my younger sister's name that was the first result. The rest of the page was full of my old track relay results from high school but nothing other than that. This made me think what will it take to get my legal name on that first page when googling my name? However, it also made me think do I even want my name to be searchable? While yes it would be nice on one hand to have a LinkedIn account of the real me out there for professional reasons but on the other hand I do not want my Facebook page out there for future employers to see. So maybe for now it is good that I'm still an unknown on Google.

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