Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laura's Third Practicum Post

I have a nice routine down now for playing Kongregate. After my 8:50
on Tuesdays, when I just feel like sleeping, I go to the business
library and play a few games to keep me entertained before my next
class starts at 11.

Today I found out that I have 35 points and apparently that is only 15
away from level 2! Speaking of level 2, I found out today that this
website has different levels that you can get to. After some
searching around, I found out that the highest level on Kongregate is
level 65! There is a list of people with the highest number of points.
Jayisgames is number 1, with 384303 points. In my defense he has
been playing since 2006. This got me thinking, is there a community
of people who are all on level 65 that talk to each other? (Too bad
that is something I will never experience…seeing as I’m celebrating
getting to level two)

I also found that there is a list of your achievements, showing in
what games you got points/badges. But some games don’t give you
anything…for example my favorite cribbage game.

Today I’m trying to receive badges. Kongregate has beginner games, to
earn badges. I’m going to try, Spark of Life Badge, (because the icon
picture looks like a disco ball and I hate first person shooters

After playing the game I found out there is a beginner’s quest. You
have to win 10 badges; I have now earned the first one when playing
Spark of Life, which was probably the worst game ever. The game was
basically a terrible movie that told you exactly what to do, with
almost no thinking or strategizing involved. At least it earned me 5
points, which brings me that much closer to level two!

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