Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog #4- Lauren

So before I googled myself, I looked at the blog to see what others had wrote for their posts on this assignment. Some were surprised at the amount of private/ personal information that is posted on the web for anyone and everyone to see. When I googled myself, the stuff that came up was almost entirely about my athletics. I play for the women's soccer team here at UW and virtually every link that came up was something about my soccer career here. Various statistics of games or my bio on, and youtube videos that the athletic site had also posted. My facebook page came up about halfway down the archives, but other than that, it was all about my involvement with soccer. I expected to find maybe a link or two about other things I'm involved with now, like the UW Athletic Board or SOMETHING else, but seems that soccer is all there is to my name. It actually came up as an option as I was typing my name into the search box-- "lauren cochlin soccer." I don't know what to make of this. Though I'm proud of my athletic achievements, I wish there were more to my identity than just that I play soccer. Although I must say, that I'm glad that a ton of my personal information isn't available for everyone to see, like other people seemed to be upset about.

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