Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Post #3- Meredith Nelson

For this blog post, I looked into e-dosing. I have no idea if I was even doing it right, even thought I was following the directions, because I didn't feel any different. With the exception of feeling dizzy and having a headache, I did not feel high. This makes me wonder why parents would be worried about something like this. Most of these e-dosing videos are simply creating an optical illision are just have weird music and things spinning all over the place. I tried a couple different ones to see if I could try to get the effect of being "high" and came to the conclusion that these things don't really work. It's possible that people could think they work because they are told they do but from what I found they had no effect.
While I didn't invesitage chatroulette for this assignment, I have done with a few friends. Some of them decided it would be really funny to do it at the union...pretty soon everyone thought we were watching a porno or I've never ventured into the world of chatroulette ever since then.
I have never had a myspace, so I just checked it out to see what it was all about. It's very different from facebook and I most definitely prefer facebook to myspace. I've also never heard positive things about myspace. Especially in the sense that there are a lot of "creepers" out there.

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