Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog #3 -- Kate Neuens

I decided to go with MySpace mainly because of the mere fact that I was curious what was happening on the site since I had given it up in high school, and after I had heard that MySpace had laid off half of its employees.

Ironically the first MySpace profile I went to was of a user who had switched to Facebook after finally getting sick of "creepers" sending her requests. I understood that annoyance. Another layout reminded me of why I got so sick of MySpace: busy backgrounds, endless survey results with graphics, and, frankly, a lot of stupid humor. Still happy with my decision for ending my relationship with MySpace years ago. Profile after profile hosts basically the same thing: busy backgrounds, no set layout resulting in messy pages, and an absurd amount of gross and cheesy graphics.

After getting a little bored with the profiles of just regular people (which I think it's impossible to find someone who isn't a woman and under the age of 30 on MySpace) I switched to some profiles up my ally--comedians and musicians. I checked out Doug Benson and Dane Cook, the first two I found on the site. While they were interesting, I know their Facebook pages would have provided me with a lot more information, a closer look at the person, and a lot less spam.

Overall, the 15 MySpace profiles were exactly what I remembered, and were exactly why I left the social networking site.

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  1. I think it's interesting that Myspace pages are today what geocities pages were in the past- not many with real content, busy graphically, and largely unmaintained as a permanent work in progress. If this is how we 'look back' on Myspace, I wonder what we'll think of Facebook in a decade or so?

    I do think a lot of indie bands and filmmakers were able to use Myspace to their advantage in the past as a way of having a website without paying for one, but not enough to make people want to use it. Plus, now that Facebook is allowing those same indie artists the ability to create a fan page, why bother with Myspace anymore?