Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog#3-Kristin MySpace

I decided not to be as daring as some other people and chose to look at different MySpace pages. Before high school I had a MySpace page for about a year, and I can tell you I did not use it for anything productive or any sort of networking. Instead, I used to take those quizes about myself (maybe some of you did that too), make my homepage background look really cool, and have good music playing in the background. I was more amused by the physical aesthetics of my page than I was to use it to connect with other people and search for any rising music artists. So, enough about why I used to have one, which I deleted when I joined Facebook.

I thought it would be really interesting to go back on MySpace, which I've only been on a couple times to listen to Ke$ha music before she was famous 4 years ago. What I found was really cool. MySpace is a huge social entertainment network. What I love about this is that it is a cross between YouTube and Facebook and Twitter too. The majority of the MySpace pages I chose to click on were artists, such as Ke$ha and Taylor Swift. What I like about the music artist pages is that you can listen to full length songs and watch their music videos. The appearance of their pages are completely different and suit their personalities. T. Swift's page is very white and uses soft colors to go along with her innocence and country music style, while Ke$ha's page is very dark and pop/punk rock-esque, which reflects her wardrobe and music style.

The other type of people I searched were famous people. I don't know what compelled me to search Sarah Palin, but I did and found a lot of fakes under Sara Palin. They used her picture as the profile picture, but used their personal information. The first Sarah Palin listed was actually her fan page (or at least I hope it was, it seemed very professional). Her page was very political, completely different from the music artists pages, and her blog focused a lot on her campaign and political affairs. There were also lots of fake Sarah (Sara) Palin MySpace pages listed under her Official page. This kind of scared me because I do not understand why someone would want to use someone else's name and make a page. One page was a Sarah Palin Rocks!!!! page-I explored it and the author did not keep it updated or even interactive.

MySpace has turned into a marketing tool for up and coming artists and other people who want to be seen in the public eye. You can search people names in specific categories to get better search results. In a way this is similar to Facebook and how you can search names in schools or towns. I thought it was very interesting to see how much MySpace has changed since the last time I had a page over eight years ago.


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