Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Practicum 1- Lauren

I have media fandom for my practicum project so I chose to observe the incredible craze around the series Glee. The site I'm following is From a live chat to discussion forums and picture galleries, this is the largest website for Glee fans around the world. Although unofficial, this website is extremely well put together and has a pretty extensive staff keeping it up. I had to register on the site to beable to participate in any of the discussion forums. This consisted of normal stuff like my name, age, and why I became a Glee fan- but it also asked me to register my "Gleek fan number" on From there I was given an unofficial Glee fan number , of which I am told will be emailed to me in the next few days. Some of the different discussion boards include: a general discussion, characters, episodes, and mature (which you have to enter a password verifying that you are 18+ old). I am currently participating in many of the discussions, but the most interesting that I've been reading today is the episode discussion forum because a new episode was just on after the Super Bowl. Since the Super Bowl was on FOX, Glee got a hefty advertisement slot and got GREAT ratings for the episode that aired just after the big game. This post is basically just an intro to my project, I will be discussing more details in later posts :)

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  1. I actually just watched my first episode of Glee after the Super Bowl. I can see how people could get totally hyped about this show, but I really don't see why there would need to be discussion boards about it! I'm interested in finding out what people talk about on there!