Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Laura's Second Practicum Post

After only playing card games on Kongregate, I decided to jump all in and play the top rated game. So, I played "Don't Touch My Gems." I hated every moment of it, including setting up the fortresses, being confused by the enemies and saving my gems. Next, I played the featured game. I was even more confused. I was in a bubble shooting other bubbles going into other bubbles. After playing these two games and still not receiving any achievement points, I turned to the puzzle games. I opened a game called, "The Company of Myself." Right from the start the game was very clever. On the loading screen there was a funny line about being impatient. The game was very good at balancing walking you through how to play and letting you figure the game out yourself. The back story was very interested and it was incorporated differently in every level. After about 45 minutes I beat the game! I finally have some achievement points!!

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