Monday, February 7, 2011

Jenny - Blog Post # 3

So, in fear of who I might see on chat roullette, and in fear being majorly let down by MySpace in comparison to Facebook, I decided to investigate e-dosing for my blog post. I watched a video on YouTube, and didn't feel very different at all. I found it easy to daze off while watching the video, but that was the only difference I felt.

After watching a video I decided to look into what the buzz is with e-dosing and why many parents are concerned about this new phenomenon. I found this article: One of the biggest concerns with e-dosing is that parents fear it may lure visitors to actual drug and paraphernalia sites.

Apparent e-dosing isn't that new of a discovery. Although they use a very modern method of spreading themselves, e-Dosing is actually a variation on a very old method of achieving an altered state. In 1839 German physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove found that two tones played at slightly different frequencies in each ear makes the listener think they are hearing a quick beat. He called the phenomenon ‘binaural beats’, and it has been the subject of research in the two centuries since.

After reading about what e-dosing is supposed to do to you, I decided to try again. Once again, I felt no big difference.

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