Monday, February 7, 2011

Practicum #1 - Randi Russell

For my practicum project I am doing Second Life. Let me tell you, it is definitely not as easy as it seems. For the past week I have been trying to get my avatar together and figure out how the whole thing works. At first I definitely did not understand the concept of Second Life but after getting frustrated enough I sat down and read some instructions. I ended up making a whole new avatar because not knowing how to change the appearance of my original one, I ended up making it look ridiculous. So now with my new avatar, named RosiePosie18 because my roommates call me Rosie, I have been exploring some different parts of Second Life. My first stop was the mall, of course. Sadly, in order to buy stuff from the mall you have to spend real money so I didn't buy anything. Something else I've done was talk to people around. I didn't know how to initiate (I do now) but I was receiving chats from other people. It was interesting to see because I was like "what do I have to say to these people." But, really, people are looking for friends in Second Life so I decided to talk back. One person even asked me to go to a website and vote for their photograph in a contest which I did. It felt good to do something for someone that I didn't even know. I am definitely still a rookie but am looking forward to learning more about Second Life and how it works. Oh, I forgot, I learned how to fly the other day. That was great.

Here's a picture of the Second Life mall.

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