Sunday, February 13, 2011

Practicum 2- Lauren

So today I'm detailing the blog progress of the "Character Forum" on the website. The discussion that really intrigued me was talking about the character Finn. He's arguably one of the main character's along with the female lead Rachel. Throughout the last two seasons, Finn has been much the center of much of the drama and stardom on and OFF camera. There is a ton of hype around this Glee star, and teeny boppers from all over the country are drooling over him. The character forum the other day was glistening with talk about Finn (Cory Allan Monteith). Fans were talking about how cute he was or how they couldn't believe how rude he could be to Rachel. There were a few posts that got borderline racy, and another user made the comment that those posts should be directed to the "mature" forum. I thought that was quite amusing. I think it's incredible how much hype and stardom these actors have acquired in just a season and a half of being on the air. The series has mastered the art of horizontal integration though, having every facet available under the Glee umbrella. From albums to live tours, to the box set on DVD- Fox has made an overwhelming effort to milk all it can from this incredibly popular series even in the short time it has aired.

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