Monday, February 14, 2011

Practicum #2 - Randi Russell

I am finally starting to get used to Second Life. This weekend I decided to explore a bunch of new destinations. They literally have the option of moving from underwater to bars to beaches. It is really interesting to see what the creators of Second Life came up with. First, I went to one of the beaches to see what I could find. It actually looked just like a beach we would go to. There was only one person around so I chatted with him for a little and then left because we both decided there was no one else around so it was boring. I also was getting frustrated because I didn't really know what else to do there. I need to keep playing around to figure out how to do activities because it gets kind of boring just walking around talking to people. My favorite place I went to this weekend was an outdoor bar that had a live band. When I first got there, I was a little freaked out because there were a ton of avatars that were dancing and making out with each other. I didn't know how to dance so I joined in on the conversation and asked how I could and how to dance with other people. Everyone was really helpful and nice to me even though I interrupted their conversation. Also, when I first got there everyone was typing into the chat that we all needed to type applause at the end of the songs to show our appreciation. It was definitely an interesting experience dancing with other avatars because you kind of forget that they are real people behind their computers. I am really starting to feel like I know how to get around the virtual world and am definitely becoming more comfortable talking to other people.

Since my presentation is tomorrow my question for everyone to think of is: do you think that virtual worlds like Second Life are legitimate communities? What about Second Life makes it like the community that we live and what makes it different?

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  1. I think second life almost seems to symbolize what is yet to come in technology. It seems to me technology, little by little, is taking over the world! My fear is that programs like this will really decrease face-face interaction in the real world. I think second life is a cool concept, especially the music part as it seems to be a stepping stone for those with stage fright, but what if these musicians get so caught up in the world that they never hit a real stage! That's just my thought though. I just miss the days of Oregon Trail. Now we are actually living lives online!!