Monday, February 14, 2011

Practicum 3- Lauren

So tomorrow is my practicum presentation and I am excited to tell you all about my project thus far. The media fandom surrounding this television show that has been on the air for less than two years is incredible. And this is just one of the many websites dedicated to Glee fandom! What I love about my project is that there are so many facets surrounding media fandom. It's not just one thing- it's so many things! It's discussion forums, manipulated creative art forms, watch online episodes, live chat rooms, twitter feeds, and downloadable music and podcasts. With the evolution of technology there are so many ways to stay connected. Not only to the television show itself, but to other people all over the world that share your same passion for this show also.

The two main ways to connect interactively with other Glee Fans is through the various discussion forums and the live chat room. Through my research, I've concluded that most of the actual conversations and discussion about the show, characters, episodes, etc. happens in the forums. Users debate about who the hottest guy on the show is, whether Rachel should've cheated on Finn, and what actor really makes this show what it is. Though the discussion is pretty opinion based, these are actual conversations being had. However, after much time spent on the live chat I have deducted that this facet of the website is more about Glee lovers talking about whatever else they like than discussion of the actual television show. The difference between the two being, that the discussion forums is for actual content about the show to be conversed, whereas the live chat is more about people who share a common interest (Glee) talking about very different interests not pertaining to the show. That's it for now! My question for you all to think about before my presentation tomorrow would be: how do you think the internet facilitated the advancement/ hype of other forms of media (television, film, music, etc.) specifically via media fandom?

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