Monday, February 21, 2011

Practicum Post #3

So I've been working on a video to upload on Youtube with some friends of mine! I'll post the link to it as soon as we are able to get it up and working! I curious to see if it gets any views or comments.

The following is a link to my channel: Feel free to check it out and look at some of the videos I've liked and the other users I have subscribed to. This picture is a snapshot from my channel - it's a small sample of what it looks like!

I have currently been researching and looking into what the most famous videos on Youtube are. Most of them are music videos, babies/animals and surprising talent. For example, popstar Justin Beiber was found from a video of his on Youtube and now his music video of "Baby" has been the most viewed video on Youtube. Some other examples of extremely popular videos are ones such as "Charlie Bit my Finger" and the "Evolution of Dance" videos. What amazes me is how some videos become popular. Not to offend anyone who finds it hilarious, but I never understood why "David After Dentist" got the popularity that it did. I have attached the link here: in case no one has seen it, however I'm sure you all have!

I am giving my presentation on Social Networking and Media tomorrow in class. My question for you all is: what do you think the effect on the music industry is because of the free access we have to watching music videos online? Do you think that there should be rules/regulations/fees to access these types of videos aside from the advertisements that we have to watch prior to viewing?

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