Monday, February 21, 2011

Practicum 1-Farrell

Hey Guys!
My project is a Personal Homepage. Unfortunately, my Dreamweaver classes do not start until this Thursday, so i was a bit limited on what I could do. however, I used my resources and planned out my entire website. I put my website plan on a word document, but here it is so far....

My Website…

This will be set up in somewhat of a resume/blog format. I want it to be professional, but fun ….

Home Page: About Me

Welcome to Erin’s World! Thanks for visiting! To get you started, here a few quick things you should know about me…

A quick background check….I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I grew up in Sun Prairie, WI and currently live in the downtown Madison Area. My mother, Brenda, is a college student at MATC Madison working towards a degree in Event Management. My older sisters, Megan and Katie, both work for Epic systems located in Verona Madison as Project Managers.

My mission in life…As cliché as it is, I would like to make a difference no matter how big or small, whether it effects 1 or 1,000,00, I want to make a difference before I leave this world and move on to the next! “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” –Albert Pike

Fun Facts…I love hanging out with my friends and family. I love puppies and Disney movies. I absolutely love adventure and going to new places. I am a movie buff and know way too much about movies and actors/actresses.

Secret talents: I can say the ABCs backwards faster than you can.

LINK here to my Facebook and My Twitter (which I will be joining soon). Why? Because These two things very much reflect who I am and my personality. Also, these two sites are the most popular social networking sites, which give me opportunities to get my site out there to my friends and fellow Facebook participants.

Education Page

I went to high school at Sun Prairie Senior High. I then ventured to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I was there for 3 semesters until I heard the badger call and transferred to the great University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am graduating in May, 2011 with a degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Science and Rhetorical Studies. I have an overall 3.4 GPA and a major GPA of a 3.5. I have no plans for Graduate School as of yet, but plans can always c

Things I love most of UW-Madison….

1) 1) Football, of course, along with all other sports here.

2) 2) High Quality Academics

3) 3) Madison, the “College Town.”

4) 4) The amazing sights all around campus

5) 5) The wonderful on and off campus activites

6) 6) The night life

7) 7) Snow Days

8) 8) The amazing professors and the people!

(Link here to

~Why choose this link? Because I want my website to not only be about me, but to have kids who are thinking about Madison for college to come and see what other students like me think, while at the same time linking them to the Universite’s website.

Job Page: here is where I will put my current jobs, but also in cover letter format, my job aspirations.

I currently work in the Food and Beverage Department as a Suite Attendant at the Kohl Center on UW-Madison’s campus. I also work at Camp Randall during Badger football season as a club seat waitress....

Activities Page: here is where I will discuss Relay for Life and LINK to

Attachments Page: Resume and Cover Letter

The ideas for the design of my website came from my sister, Megan, who has just built a website regarding a book she wrote, coming to a store near you! She helped me gain insight as to how I wanted my website to look while adding professionalism with fun!

I want my website to reach a broad audience. Of course, my first goal would be to reach employers to show off my talents; but i would also like to show my friends and family what I can do.

So far, I have only tired to see how an "easy" way to build a website works. There was nothing easy about The "Click and Drag" theme of weebly takes way to long and doesn't always work. it was a very frustrating experience. I decided I would just have to be patient for my Dreamweaver classes. It is nice that the University offers such classes for free, making the experience itself user-friendly, but it is also a very time-consuming process!

I am quickly learning how a personal homepage is similar to social networking sites, but also different. Both Facebook/Twitter and a personal homepage require followers, yet a homepage does not give you the resources to gain followers/friends. It is my responsibility to find people that will go on/enjoy my site. Both require you making a relationship with your audience, but a Twitter/Facebook Relationship is a 2-way relationship where it seems as though a personal homepage is a 1-way relationship. Both can be considered career oriented, but one more than the other. With all of this in mind and your own thoughts, I must ask....

Does a personal homepage belong in the same category of social networking as Twitter/Facebook, or does it belong somewhere else?

Are there other ways you can think of that a personal webpage is/is not a type of social networking?

That's my project so far guys! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. What a good idea for a website! As I am currently looking for internships/jobs having something besides a resume and cover letter could really help flesh out my qualifications!

    Secondly, I just want to wish you good luck with dreamweaver. I learned how to use in in Journalism 202 and it was not easy!