Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Post #4- Meredith Nelson

So not only did I google myself, I googled my whole family and a couple of my friends. The only link that was even close to being related to me was on the IHSA ( Illinois High School Association) that was a bracket for the state championship in 2008, and even that was the 3rd page in. I found "Meredith Nelson Photography." 99% of things I found had nothing to do with me. Even the link for the Facebook page and the linkedin page weren't links to me, they were links to other Meredith Nelsons. However, I googled a friend and when I got the search results for his name, he was everywhere! I was super jealous. The link was for his actual facebook page and his linkedin. He had a kind of common name too. Or at least I know someone with the same first and last name as him. Anyway, like I said before, most things weren't related to me. The only other thing I found was a newspaper article about me from when I was a senior in high school that was published in the Chicago Tribune sports section that my parents embarrasingly still have on my refrigerator at home.

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