Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog #4 - Brandy Cummings

So I decided to take a break from studying and write this blog post even though it is not due until next week. I actually have tried typing my name into Google search before because I was curious to see what would come up. I was scared to see what would come up in the search results because I feel that my name is not common at all. The first thing I noticed was Google trying to spell my name correctly. In red letters appeared: Did you mean: Brandi Cummings. Most people who have the name 'Brandy' spell it with an 'i' or 'ie' at the end. I guess my parents wanted to be unique or they wanted to copy the alcohol. Speaking of alcohol, the definition of Brandy came up on my search results: distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice. I thought that was pretty funny. The second and third search results were Facebook pages. However, it was not my Facebook page that appeared when I clicked on the link. I have my Facebook privacy setting set so my public profile will not appear in any search results. I guess there are not too many people on Facebook named Brandy Cummings since there were only two that popped up. I was surprised to see a lot of Brandy Cummings on Myspace. There were four Myspace profiles that appeared and there were even ones on Linkedin. I have never heard of Linkedin before, so I decided to click on the person's profile and go to the homepage of the Linkedin website. I then clicked on the link that said: What is Linkedin? Clicking on that link was no help at all because all it said was 'Get the most from your professional network: re-connect, power your career, get answers. There was also a Brandy Cummings on Twitter. I tried to see her account, but it was set to private. She had a really creepy background on her tweet page so maybe it was a good thing I was not able to view her posts. Unfortunately, by page 3 of my results, my name turned into 'Barbie Cummings' and most of the search results were porn sites.

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