Monday, February 21, 2011

Twitter Practicum 3

My practicum project has turned about to be very educational and a fun site to use. For those of you that have not read my other posts, I am doing the social networking site, Twitter. I have had my account for about 2 months, so by no means am I an expert but I have definitely learned quite a bit along the way. Just yesterday I discovered this advanced profile creator with tons of different background layouts and adjustments on color. I just played with my profile yesterday, I wanted to attach a picture of my Twitter page, so you guys could see it, but of course it is not working. You will just have to wait until tomorrow!!! I check my Twitter at least once a day and try to make at minimum a few posts a week. I now find myself seeing a really cool music video or reading a good article and thinking ‘I need to tweet this’. I have also noticed that my friends who have Twitter and use it a lot, kind of use it as an outlet for complaining. For example, my one friend just posted “4 years here and I still have to sign into different wireless networks in every building this is getting old.” I think those kind of post or pointless, but I swear people use it as a way of therapy or something. I, on the other hand, use Twitter, I think, in a more professional way. Yes, I have made a few personal posts, but the big chunk of my activity on Twitter is devoted to looking at articles that get my attention and posting article’s I think people would be interested in reading. For tomorrow, I wanted everyone to think about: How is Facebook different or the same as Twitter? If you are a big Twitter user, what would you say is proper “Twitter etiquette”? Lastly, after hearing the comparison of mine and Erin’s sites, can you see the benefits of having one over another?



  1. I think it kinds of depends, as far as following goes. If I know the person, I follow them back. If I don't, I wait until I see if they're actually going to follow me, or if they're just following me so I'll follow them. If they actually reply to my tweets (my own twitter feed tends to be a social commentary on anything and everything) and engage with me chances are I'll follow them back. But generally, I'm not interested in what strangers have to say, so I don't see a reason to follow them. That's my twitter etiquette.

  2. I've personally never gotten the point of twitter, I feel like it's just people constantly updating their facebook status'. I get that it's like a big thing now a days but I can't get myself to create my own twitter. I feel too self-absorbed to feel like my life and essentially I am that important that someone would want to follow my every move or know what I'm doing every second of every day.

    But I totally get what you said about it being a type of "therapy" for their everyday lives. I've never thought about it that way, but it makes sense that people can essentially blog or vent about the every day happenings of their life.