Tuesday, March 1, 2011


At first, I thought the first thing that appears on the search will be my facebook page so I kind of already expect what I will see. Then I type my name Yen Hang Ma on the search bar and none of the results shown was directly related to my full name and none of a facebook page shows. The first item that I saw was ‘Hang Ma’ which is a famous street in Hanoi, Vietnam that fills with celebrations over the year. And most of the search results below were all about tourism in Vietnam. It doesn’t seem to me that it is a person’s name and it doesn’t provide with any information about a person with this name. So I tried typing my Chinese full name and see if they show more results about me. I finally found my name on seven results and in one of the item, I appeared as a graduate from Guangdong University of Technology with a Higher Education Degree for Adults in Business Management. Other result shows that I am a prize winner of an academic improvement award and a name that appears in the Chinese naming history for babies. None of the results shown is directly related to me and I found that my information is not that easily accessible on the internet. I realize it would be quite scary if my information can easily appear on the search engines. People can get to know me and understand my background without physically meeting me and I think employers will use this as a tool to background check their employees to make sure they are recruiting the right person that fits their firm’s needs. This could actually affect one’s employment and personal image.

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