Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog #4 - Kelsey

I actually wasn't surprised to see only one little mention of myself on my google results for my name, and there's a good reason for that- I have the 138th most common last name in the US (I was doing research, that's why I know) and unsurprisingly common last name plus common first name equals a rather common name, yielding nearly 2 million search results actually. I used to find my facebook profile and my livejournal on the first page or three, or mention of my name when I was in high school and doing extra-curriculars like swimming and theatre, but the only thing that was me this time was my twitter feed, which was fourth on the first page. A few pages back there was another Kelsey Warren on twitter, which actually surprised me because her @name was actually @kelsey_warren where mine is @kittycathat, although I do use my real name beside that tag. (If you aren't familiar with twitter, when you look at someone's feed it displays their real name on the top, and then there username and location. Here's mine: http://twitter.com/#!/kittycathat)
I'm also not surprised because I have removed my lj, myspace, etc, as well as setting my Facebook profile to secure settings. That and I've been on twitter nearly 2 years and actually use the addictive little thing...but I digress. I'm apparently pretty safe from who I am being found on line. Even if you look at the Kelsey Warren's on the creepy Spokeo site, none of them are me. I'm actually okay with the world being able to find me 140 characters at a time.

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