Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog #4

I must admit that today’s blog was my favorite thus far. When I type my name into google I was actually presently surprised not to find my Facebook info or any other kind of personal information appear. I am doing my paper on the privacy Facebook takes away from its users so after reading many articles I have basically privatized my page as much as I could, I guess it really did work. Initially, I typed in Nina Prestigiacomo and the first article that came up was from 2 years ago when I did a debutant ball for Service Club of Milwaukee. The next option however, was some Italian girls Windows Live profile. I found out from her basically open profile that she likes photography; she has 29 friends, was born on September 4, 1988, has unique fashion and has obscure humor (whatever that means). She is a student at the Università degli studi di Palermo and she is from Palermo. After I looked at her pictures I discovered from the bottom of her pictures that her given name is Antonella Prestigiacomo. I thought that was funny, because my real name is Antonina Prestigiacomo, which is pretty similar. I would say that she should be concerned about her privacy just from getting a look at her details I found out so much about her, if I was creep I could take advantage of that information she publicly has on the internet. The next thing I did was type in my real name, Antonina Prestigiacomo and the first tab that came up was my aunt’s profile for her law firm. We have the same name so that was interesting to see all her information come up. I had never searched Antonina, so I got educated on all that my aunt does. I think this kind of internet exposer is good, it promotes her career and although it may be a bit invasive it is all good PR. After I typed in both those names I continued to search images. For Antonina the first picture that appeared was of my aunt. For Nina, the picture of the girl’s profile I was telling you about earlier came up, but on both the Antonina and Nina search the next picture was the one I posted. I thought that was kind of funny, I tried to figure out that back story to it but there was no information on the picture, maybe it is for the best…

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