Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog #4--Kate Neuens

So, I have googled myself before, always interested in what will come up. I put my name in quotes as to not separate the two words.

Everything on the first page is really me. I once read that there are less than 300 Neuens's out there, so I'm wondering if there is even another Kate Neuens out there. Everything on the first page is your basic social networking--Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. One of my blog posts for this class is even on the first page, as well as stuff I do for my internship, and for my the Union.

The only thing on the first page that I don't remember ever being a part of is Scribnia. It is a rating scale for an old blog I had and my very old bio is on their page.

As I go through the pages I'm not seeing anything that's not me. Things are getting older, like when did Relay for Life in 2005 and cross country races that I did in high school. I also notice that tweets that mention certain things like a city, or a product are picked up by those respective websites. And I thought no one was following my tweets!

I got all the way to the 10th page on Google and all of the search results were me. Maybe I am the only "Kate Neuens."

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