Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog #5 - Jamie Noltner

Plants vs. Zombies...WOW. When I first looked to see what kind of game of this was, I thought it looked super lame, but at the same time I was worried that it might be fun. I couldn't believe that we got to play a computer game as a homework assignment. Wish this would happen more often. Anyway, the game itself was super addicting, I got to Level 6 and decided to quit only because after awhile my eyes got strained from concentrating so hard on making sure my plants we able to kill the zombies. When my plants started to get eaten by the zombies (which I didn't know could happen) I started to strategize and make sure that I placed my plants in the right spaces. That cherry bomb plant is my favorite, it blew the zombies into ashes! AMAZING! Who creates games like these anyway? They are so simple and very strange yet I find myself unable to stop playing them. Games like these are the reason children/teens/adults don't get their school work or work done! I always end up putting really strange games on my phone, like this one, and I can never seem to put it down. I'm Glad Plants vs. Zombies is not on my phone! I actually find it kind of embarrassing when people look at my phone and question why I have games like "Pretty Pet Parlor" and "Coin Dozer" on my phone (similar to the strangeness of this game). I think the reason that I am embarrassed is because I get addicted to games that look and sound childish, and ones that are basically pointless. Online games/App Games are like drugs, once you start, you can't stop!

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