Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Practicum #3-Nicole

I finally got around to editing my profile so it reflects who I am a bit better. As I said before I previously had a skeleton wearing a black hood as my icon which was the first thing I went to change. I went with a hot pink flower which couldn't be any more opposite from what was previously there. In a profile it explains when you became a member, your last login, current points, comments and forum posts. Additionally by choice there is an about me section, location, website and gender. However you can specify if your gender and age is displayed and can even make your profile private to others. I thought that this was very interesting that there are things similar to social networking sites that you can describe yourself on a gaming site. I'm not really one to share a lot of personal information on sites so I have limited my profile to only say my gender. I did enjoy being able to personalize me little avatar to give myself more character.

Additionally, I am working on gaining points and awards so that my profile looks a bit more impressive to my fellow gamers. I am currently really close to getting to the next level as well as earning a badge in one of my new games I am addicted to. I keep wanting to join in on the chat rooms but the one time I did no one responded so it must have been not a good time. I have noticed that in the afternoon hours around when school gets out there are more people on so I will try to make conversation again then. Hopefully with my fresh avatar I will look less like a creep and make a few friends.

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