Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Practicum 5- Nina

Ok, so I love twitter, I really do. First off, all my friends are starting to join so it has become a fun way to communicate with them. It always helps when a lot of your friends get into something. I think before I was only following news, which I still am, but wanted to keep social to Facebook and not merge the two on twitter, but know it is social and knowledge in one. I also like twitter because it doesn’t clog up your inbox with messages and group message. Recently I have joined a group for my sorority and it is really annoying because they are always making posts about stuff I really don’t care about and it clogs up my phone.

I did end up making my profile private, and thus far I don’t see much of a difference than before I had it open other than I have to accept people who are following me. But after talking to one of my friends, she brought up a good point, that I am not going to be posting anything that I wouldn’t want everyone I know to see, so what’s the point. Furthermore, if I want to use the site to network or if I want to gain a lot of followers I know that I need to make my profile open again. My next goal is to get a celebrity following me! Is that hard? And does anyone have any advice to do so? I am thinking of going after Aston Kutcher… I think I need to get more followers to look legit before I go after him! But any advice is welcomed from all J

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  1. What's the difference in making your profile open or private?

    Are you on board with twitter now? I still am so naive into thinking that it's just an excuse for people to update their statuses all day long and I can't stand those people most of the time. I get so annoyed about the meaningless information that people feel liek everyone wants to know about their life. Yet... I knowwwww that Twitter is soooo huge now and tons of people are on it. What's the pull? Do I really have to just try it for myself and then I'll see what all the hype is really all about?

    Sorry about the billion questions, Nina. I'm completely clueless about Twitter..